Your trusted agency in Italy
Your trusted agency in Italy
Your trusted agency in Italy

Our interpreting and translating services: the extra touch

Our strength lies in the care we take of our customers. 
We take a personalised approach to your project from the outset, providing bespoke translation or interpreting services that are designed to meet your needs. We use the most appropriate terminology for your sector and deliver within the agreed time. Our translators are all professional native speakers of their target language. 
Where interpretation is required, we are well-prepared, professional and punctual. 
Our twenty years of experience ranges from the translation of certificates for private individuals to the handling of complex projects for multinationals.

In the sphere of certified and sworn translations, our services go beyond simple asseveration and certification, offering advice on the various procedures which need to be followed.

Our responsive approach means streamlined handling of your projects and direct assistance for our customers.

Document translations

The studio offers specialised translation services, in particular from and into Italian, English, German and French, but also Spanish, Romanian and Albanian.
We take care of our clients from the very start, focusing on quality throughout the process, including very accurate terminology research based around the specific sector to which the text to be translated belongs. This makes us reliable partners chosen by renowned companies operating across a varied range of fields.

Sworn and certified translations, legalisations

Studio Bonelli has particular expertise in the certification, sworn translation and, where necessary, legalisation of documents (or the attachment of an apostille) from and into Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian and Albanian.
The skills acquired over twenty years of professional activity, and thanks in particular to our collaboration with a large number of legal studios and notaries, in addition to the consulting services offered to the Cuneo and Turin courts, allow Studio Bonelli to offer in-depth knowledge of the processes and procedures linked to the exchange of documents and certifications between different countries, based on a very clear picture of paths which for many are particularly complex to traverse.

Interpreting services

The studio offers liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. 
In order to prepare for the event, you will be requested to provide, in advance, all information and any useful material which might be useful for us to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific topic. It is also advisable to send to us in advance the files with any presentation which will be shown to the audience.


Request a quote

For a free quote, simply email us at info@studiobonelli.net and attach the document to be translated or let us know which services you require. We’ll get back to you within 4 working hours.