Interpreting services

The studio offers liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
In order to prepare for the event, you will be requested to provide, in advance, all information and any useful material which might be useful for us to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific topic. It is also advisable to send to us in advance the files with any presentation which will be shown to the audience.

  • We provide assistance with interpreters specialising in legal and technical fields.
  • We accompany foreign clients during corporate visits, negotiations, business meetings and meetings with lawyers.
  • We provide assistance for weddings between foreign citizens.
  • If you intend to purchase a property in Italy, we can come with you to the viewings and we will assist you during the negotiations and throughout the purchasing process.
  • We provide complete assistance for the linguistic aspects of notary acts, including the translation of all documents, the interpreting during the act, the provision of a witness (if requested by the Italian law).
  • Upon request, we can hire a radio guide system (bidule) which allows groups (up to 20 people) to have a better understanding of the interpretation during conferences, corporate visits…
  • We operate in full confidentiality and, upon request, we can enter into a Confidentiality Agreement.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired over our many years of business, we are able to advise on how to overcome cultural differences with your interlocutors, also offering assistance to solve any bureaucratic issue, whether small or large.


Liaison interpreting, also called negotiation or business interpreting, is a service suitable for small groups of people in a face-to-face situation, “around the table” so to speak. Alternatively, it may take place during a visit to a site or a company, for example.


This type of interpreting happens in front of a larger audience. The speaker gives the talk in his or her own language, with regular pauses. The interpreter takes notes and repeats the segments of text in the target language.


Simultaneous interpreting is used at events attended by larger numbers of people, and requires a venue with appropriate technical equipment (a soundproof booth and headphones).
Upon request, you can hire a radio guide system (bidule).
We also offer remote simultaneous interpreting.


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