20 Years of Studio Bonelli

“A love of languages that began as a life choice and then became my choice of career”

This is where it all started.

And here I am, after twenty years, still committed to a slightly less usual path, still swimming against the tide as some have said, still busy working in a niche field which was, in the opinion of many, a gamble when I began.

But here I am, taking care of my clients, my life and ‘career project’, with dedication, always taking everything one step at a time, always committed to improving all the time, and always with even more passion than on the first day.
My passion for what I do comes from the awareness of having a privileged role, that of an intermediary between different cultures, to better understand one another, to know each other, and be able to interact.

Since I started, alongside my customers, I have come a long way. It has been a journey which has allowed me to meet people from different backgrounds and origins, discovering information along the way about the most varied topics, facing different situations and always learning, at the same time. An invaluable, enriching experience.

This is the most fascinating aspect of what I do: being close to people who, in different ways, look forward. They do so by broadening their own horizons, not content to remain in their own bubble. Those who, driven by their ambition and their desire to improve their economic situation, search for personal change, borne of their thirst for new experiences or simply out of curiosity, and come to me in order for me to be their connection.

And of course, there are those who, following different paths and for different reasons, ask me to speak out for them, asking for justice.
All of this, and a lot more, takes place in my studio every day.

Mariella Bonelli


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