Sworn and certified translations, legalisations

Studio Bonelli has particular expertise in the certification, sworn translation and, where necessary, legalisation of documents (or the attachment of an apostille) from and into Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Albanian and Russian.

The skills acquired over twenty years of professional activity, and thanks in particular to our collaboration with a large number of legal studios and notaries, in addition to the consulting services offered to the Cuneo and Turin courts, allow Studio Bonelli to offer in-depth knowledge of the processes and procedures linked to the exchange of documents and certifications between different countries, based on a very clear picture of paths which for many are particularly complex to traverse.

Today, alongside a select team of colleagues, we provide our clients with translation services, including, where necessary, certification and legalisation, along with customised assistance, depending on every individual’s circumstances.

On your behalf, we can deal with the translation of:

  • contracts

  • notary acts

  • civil and criminal judgements

  • real estate and corporate sale agreements 

  • injunctions

  • affidavits

  • citizenship application documents

  • succession, separation, divorce and adoption documents

  • marriage certificates

  • injunction orders

  • appeals

  • birth and death acts and certificates

  • education certificates (degrees, diplomas, bachelors, masters, specialist certificates, PhDs…)

  • criminal records / police certificates

  • statements of pending proceedings

  • articles of association, by-laws and chamber of commerce certificates

  • private acts

For further information, or to request an offer, please contact info@studiobonelli.net


To make a sworn translation, in Italy the translator must appear in person at the court to present the original document together with the translation. A file containing the original, the translation and the certification of the sworn translation is prepared. The registrar checks that the documents correspond and adds the authentication stamps and stamp duty (€ 16.00 per four pages). Finally the oath is formalised with a written report. The document is then officially certified as free from errors and omissions, and that it is faithful to the original. This procedure means that the document retains the same legal value as the original and is officially valid in the country where it needs to be presented.
Delivery times: single-page documents are delivered within a few days. For longer documents, delivery times will be discussed.

For some selected procedures, it is also possible to ask for a simple certification of the translation made by the studio itself.

Once the required service is completed, documents can be collected from the studio or sent by registered post or courier. In our local area, we offer free home delivery on request.


Do not forget that the services offered include our professional assistance so that you will be able to present all documents in compliance with all the requested procedures, avoiding delays and costs in terms of both money and time.


The studio specialises in the translation of documents for citizens who have chosen to get married in Italy. The paperwork must be posted to the studio, where it will be translated, certified and forwarded to you or your wedding planner within two weeks. For more information on procedures and fees, please contact us directly at info@studiobonelli.net

Contact us without obligation for any further information.


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